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I also believe the manual boost controller will allow you to not only adjust the boost level (which is starting to seem like its unsafe to up it much more than 6psi), but it will also keep boost levels more consistent throughout the RPM band which should make the dyno graph less peaky...While final hp output may not change, the delivery of that max HP should broaden across the band - this is as long as the ECU doesnt think there is too much of air or fuel and try to pull it back - but thats what the T-Tune is for, no?

I also agree about with high compression ratio its unwise to run high boost (but I still dont think 8 lbs is high by any means in the general turbo sense, but then again I dont know of any boosted cars with 11.3 : 1 either)

Working in the steel industry, the higher grade steel being used in these pistons does make them more durable (under their designed operating parameters), however they prob have a tensile close to their yield which means they are more brittle; so when they are outside of their operating parameters, they may be susceptible to cracking. BUT, we dont know how much of a safety factor was designed into them either, so they may be designed just like the STS kit - conservative and safe - which means there may be some leeway yet - but I still wouldnt try anything over 7-8 lbs when everything else is stock...

Boost gauge and boost controller are going to be two good ways to help along this path..
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