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Originally Posted by fiero View Post
Would these hoods still be effective with another CAI besides the AIRAID? I know some intakes draw from the same location as the stock snorkel, and then the Injen draws from all the way down by the wheel- would one of these still get any more airflow down there?

With Dragom's hood, he has the Airaid and the way its set up, he gets a fresh/cold air dump from the top. The way the hood is made, air coming in from the scoop flows right to the Airaid box so the filter is getting that air from the top and he's getting the ram air from the tube at the bottom. His only issue is that the hood doesn't come with the inner liner as stock so this prevented him from getting the seal the Airaid design uses with that setup. I suggested he get some foam pipe insulation which he did and this closed off the inside of the box once the aftermarket hood is closed. He says he loves it!
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