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Don't you think that if they could make it work with the 2010's, they would? They'd make more money that way. Like it or not, there certainly can be hardware limitations. The OnStar equipment in the car could simply not have the appropriate memory space for the additional 2 way communications/commands that needs to be added for these extra features. (no, I am not saying that there is not already 2 way communications, of course there is) Last I knew, OnStar as it is cannot send a remote start command to your vehicle. If OnStar corporate can't do it, how would the app do it? OnStar is an evolving product, much like any other electronic item. I equate it to the new crop of 3D capable TV's. Do you think the TV manufacturers can go back and add 3D tech to last year's model? nope. Or for that matter, a Gigabit network switch vs a standard 10/100 network switch. - can you go back to the manufacturer and demand that they upgrade the siwtch because the Gigabit version didnt exist when you bought the 10/100, after all, they still take the same type of data and cable, right? Nope, not gonna happen. there are hardware limitations in the circuitry.

Would it be great if they could add it for the 2010's? yep. Unfortunately, it's not gonna happen, at least not from GM.

it's not 100% the same, since it is a separate install, but Viper has SmartStart that will remote start/unlock/lock your car from an iphone, android phone, OR blackberry, too. it may not have the vehicle details/features of the onstar app, but the big part is there, so that's an option for you.

be upset if you want, but please don't think that GM is out to get you because you can't have it in your car.
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