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Originally Posted by camaro_corvette View Post
Thing is this was a week ago and they are still waiting on parts. She lives in the same town the car was built, and she has to wait over a week to get parts??? WTF! On top of that, they gave her a corolla as a rental, they gave a lawyer a tiny little corolla. Better believe their gonna get it!
Be glad you didn't buy one back in the 80's. My brother bought a new 87 Toyota pickup, about a year later he had an accident... it took 3 months to get a Hood and Front fender for the truck. it seems like at that time they did not have a parts warehous in the USA. and everything had to be shipped from Japan...

Oh, I bought an 87 S-10 at about the same time, had a guy back into it in the parking lot here at work, destroyed the tailgate and rear quarter panel, Had it back in two weeks.

p.s. his truck also rusted out in 3 years.....
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