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Originally Posted by diddiyo View Post
who has the monies to just "go buy a car (a cadillac) the next day"?!
I might have left out that this guy is the CEO of Hiller Markets, a chain of supermarkets in Michigan.
So he's got some money...

Originally Posted by diddiyo View Post
and let me ask the question again because last time i didn't get an answer (maybe because there is no "right" answer?). as a german born person currently living in the US. what am i supposed to buy? lol. should i be neutral and buy something completely different? ;p
That depends. Where you're born doesn't matter for this question. Or else my family should all be buying Italian-made cars. What matters is where you plan to live, work, and flourish. Which country will allow you to do that for the majority of your lifetime? Germany, or the US? Answer that question, and you know which products, and policies to support.
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