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Wink Smart people =)

Originally Posted by camarolover69 View Post
Nice,But no-thanks. Rather get a Z28 instead

Originally Posted by jpizzle007 View Post
Where does the fire come out of? What type of range is there on the flames...20 yds? Is it possible to upgrade from fire breathing to possibly sharks with friggin lazer beams on their heads?
I'd also like the BTU info plskthx

Originally Posted by superman View Post
No thanks. Z28 anyways over this. Save ~10k or so.
Originally Posted by DSworo9 View Post
Not only do I give that a zero, but a double zero!
Originally Posted by cb4dude View Post
Sorry. I guess I am kind of a purist. Not impressed.
The Z28's and Firebirds just aren't Camaro's. The first few years is what put the Camaro on the map. The style was unique. The 2010 took the early years style, and gave a 21st century look. I think they nailed it. It is one of the best looking, unique Camaro's in its history. I have an LT1. If someone driving that offered an even trade, I would pass.

The 2010 Camaro is a better looking, no nonsense car, that you would never get sick of looking at, hands down.

Man I love the sense of solidarity and identity that I feel by having my intrests narrowed and exploited by like minded zealots! (*Calven and Hobbes quote paraphrased, Watterson 11-26-1995)

hehehe couldnt help it lawlz! OK so I admit it has a little bit of garish apeal but ehhh. . . . Camaro 4eva!
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