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Indicator lights for halo's and wireless remote

I installed fieldgoals wire remote set up to control my dual color halo's (red and white) and also to get my fog lights to come on with my halos. I cannot say enought on the quality and easy of set up with the harness by fieldgoal.
Ok. this is the only problem that i had. when i was driving i wasnt always sure about what lights i had on. if the remote was in my pocket, the buttons might accidently get pushed and my red lights might come on and that would not be good, or i might think that i have my lights on and there not. So, this is what i came up with, i purchase some lights from radio shack and ran the ground wire to the wire remote box and when i select a channel one of the lights would come on. i took a picture of a drawing and added a little video. i wrap the 3 light together with electrical tape, then i put some double side tape and pushed them onto the hood. then i filled the gap with some black silicon.

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