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Originally Posted by Beyond Limits View Post
I have to admit, it actually does not look too bad, much better then I had imagined it would. Still, you couldn't pay me to put them on my baby, but hey, whatever makes you happy right? Now the side stripe on the other hand, now THAT looks nice...
thx, you know there is always to sides of the coin, some like and some dont, we all different tastes and personnalities. its one this when some says i personnaly dont like it, its not for me, thats ok, but when someone says it just looks ugly or its a failure, that something else. ohh well to each his own. i really like them and i have only lifted them at the 3 show that i have been to this last week. they dont have to be lifted everytime, so most people dont even know i have them. thax again for looking. oh and i love my stripes also
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