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Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post

did you get my text last night? I need something to cheer me up.
Crap. Ya, I got it. It was about 3am when I got it. Me and Chris had just gotten finished with Sherlock Holmes and I saw it. I wasn't sure who's car it was. Chris said it was Emmilies. Ugh................ that totaly sucks. What you guys doing fo transportation?

Originally Posted by speedster View Post
Go Bonnie go... :party0038:

I assume that is the competition you are at.

Originally Posted by BeckyD@RodgersChevrolet View Post

Bonnie update???
Originally Posted by CaniacFan View Post
BTW: You mentioned competition, it this Bonnie's event?? Please keep us posted.
Bonnie took 3rd place.

Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
The car is looking and sounding fab!

Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
None of the videos do the sound justice compared to when you hear/drive the car in person.

Originally Posted by bi11ymc View Post
That actually sounds really good. I had heard some long tube headers with ATAK videos and it sounded horrible, too loud and raspy. But PQs didn't sound that way. Maybe Borla long tubes are tuned to work better with the Borla exhaust.
Well, could be because I have no cats. Borla doesn't do cats. If you get borla fron the manifold, back, you will either have no cats, or have to have some added.

Originally Posted by speedster View Post
Now you need set your camera down as you guys do an "easy" side-by-side in that industrial park. Can't go too quick otherwise they will assume you are racing (which you're not).
Crap. That would have been cool.......

Originally Posted by Indpowr View Post
So were you going SOO fast that a bug hit the window and cracked it.... LOL
I told GTA that it would be noticed. lmao I need to get it fixed.
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