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Can someone explain my lose?!

Ok so in school the parking lot is filled with ricers and most i don't know the drivers but i know about 50% and they get at me like salt on a peanut becuase i have a camaro.

So there was this scion tc and wanted to race me so we went for it a week later. (we did not street race)

I lost, it was horrible and embarrasing, i lost by at least 2 cars.

His car is automatic
Scion tc
v4 2.4 i think and 164 hp (stock) ((i think)) but im in theball park or right
somthing done to his cams
cold air
and a loud ass anoying ricer muffler

My camaro
V6 3.8 around 220hp with the mods
Dual cb exhuast
performance air filter
some permormance spark plugs

They are both automatic

How did i loose this? Timing was right, my car has more hp, a v6 and is well maintained.
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