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I'm getting wooried that I may not be able to attend this year due to problems with my SS.

My Camaro has been in the shop for just over a week now and I'm feeling very frustrated with the problems I've been having.

Heater core ( defective ) recall
Ambient Lighting on driver's door ( won't light up ) recall
Rear speaker panel ( speaker grille warped ) recall
Aftermarket chrome rim ( warped ) manufacturer defect
Front GM splitter ( won't stay on ) defective clamps
Rear bumper ( Major paint defect - pitting and desolving ) bumper has been sanded and repainted, however, there are now blemishes in the paint that I'm not very happy with. EVERYONE take note !! I've found 5 camaro's with the same problem ... this may be a problem with the bumper itself so please take a close look at yours ... it starts off looking like sand in the paint, but can spread quickly!

Not sure when all this will be completed by, however, on the bright side ... since Saturday we will be gathering at Nurse Chevrolet I guess my car will already be there!
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