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This IS a deal breaker for me...not just because I have to have ambient lighting, by because it's yet another thing that the car won't have at launch. I'm a little concerned at this point since they keep pulling stuff off the launch cars that they will have more than their fair share of "first year car" issues. I know this could go either way since hopefully they are pulling these "goodies" off of the car to keep the quality up, but after all the waiting and faith we have kept over the years...the loyal, order the car sight-unseen people ordering the guinea pig first year cars get the shaft. Not cool. With the country in the economic state it's is not the time to be taking things off the car that people are expecting, especially if there will be no price adjustment.
We have stood by you and even sold a few of these cars for you already to people we just meet on the street and you want to take our gadgets away?!?!?
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