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We don't need no stinking Lights! I just want my car so I can play!!!!

They can take out all the extra electronics and lighting for al I car. Make it cheaper give us a discount and saves some weight! I would be happy with manual windows manyal leather seats! ETC.... Less crap to warranty or break and lighter car for a solid hotrod.

Companies make more power in motors than ever and add more weight for frills now days. Hell I dont even need a stereo I can do that myself. Ship it to me with no wheels use donut spares to deliver it. Give me specs for wheels that can fit I'll buy what I want and tires too!

While I do agree with all those that really want the lighting and the other items they were promised. They should get them. I disagree that I can't get mine with what I want without having the Extra BS that drives the price up just to get the Performance, color, and interior seat trim I want.

I want a true 60s/70s Hotrod without the extra BS and I hate paying for items I really don't want anyways. I always have. I want it with what I want and not items I dont want because I can do better for me if I do it myself. But why must I an dpeople like me pay twice. Onece for what we don't want and again to change it to what we do want?

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