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That Police Officer is right 100%. If someone wants a car bad enough, they will get it. But, there are still MANY ways to safeguard against getting broken into and especially having it stolen. Just having that little red blinking light in the dash will deter 75% of car thieves. The other 25% either don't care or know they will be in and out in 5 seconds (burglary). Having a regular honking horn for an alarm or just a regular audible sounding alarm is a common sound we hear in every parking lot which we tend to shrug off. Leaving valued items out of plain view is the best thing to do. Car burglaries are crimes of opportunity. They see it, they take it. Let me tell you, briefcases, purses, and portable DVD players (headrest) are the first cars to get broken into. Parking in an open area with good visability of your car from all angles is 2nd most important. Doing these two things will greatly reduce your chances of getting broken into. An alarm with a blinking light, once again, will deter them. Tapping on the car and having it chirp back at you will deter a few more. But nothing will stop the criminal who wants the items in your car bad enough. What I care about is the car itself. Ravelco uses all black wires and not a single car has ever been stolen. It's a kill switch on the car. Repo guys can hook up and be gone w/ a car w/in 2 min. Even w/ a kill switch. I, also, don't park my car for longer than 15-20 min in any lot. BUT...the thieves will see your car, follow you, and once you park it going inside, will hit it and be gone w/in seconds. The club is an excellent deterrant and Lo Jack is awesome as long as it's activated quickly. I've heard there's problems w/ that system if the vehicle is placed in a metal box, though. The signal can't escape the box and your car goes "invisable".
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