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Originally Posted by RetroDude View Post
Visited the dealership today to inspect my baby! ....

... rear speaker panel 2nd panel shipped and defective
... told ambient lighting and heater core fixed, but have yet to test.
... front rim replace and told new is perfect.
... front splitter . diffuser repaired, but now see deep scratches on bumper due to original install.
... rear bumper paint is still no good as there are at least 1 piece of hair in paint and several sand granules throughout paint job. Told them it must be fixed or bumper replaced. Will not accept less than 100%.

Sure not looking like it will be ready in time. Man I will be if I miss this one!

Sounds like it's still very possible. If it's just the paint work left then you should have it back in time. I also think they are aware that they are hosting us on Saturday. You might want to politely mention that your car is expected to be at their Camaro show and so the work has to be good because it will represent the dealerships quality of work.
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