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Originally Posted by EnvyTerra View Post
If your goal was to compare the cars as identical as possible why are the setups so different? I know weight makes up for hp in different places. but not sure how close these two cars actually are.
The cars are different because they start life different. The Mustang us a Ford and the Camaro a Chevrolet. One is an IRS one is the three link solid. One is bigger and the other smaller. The goal is to compare the optimised version of each. It was not to make them equal, but to make each the best they can be. That is exactly what we have done. We used the best tire, the best wheels, the best suspension, the best blowers and one of the best drivers I know.

This is what it boils down to. How sure are you that 100 WRHP makes the car faster. Since the Mustang is down 100+ RWHP I say spot me a car length for $100 and see how sure you are. I am not calling you out, just making a point. On the other hand anyone that wants to make side bets with me I'll donate my winnings 100% to charity.

The cars were a dead heat testing. There is much more I can say about how evenly matched they are.
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