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Originally Posted by Caminsky View Post
In my personal tastes I think the Challenger is just a little better looking than the Camaro (though I flip flop a lot on this), but I feel like the Camaro is a better value. I think the new Mustang looks nice, but just isn't nearly as striking. Still a very nice car though IMO.

OP, why did you ditch the 335?
My lease was up. I could have bought my car for a very reasonable price.

I can't figure out myself why I am not getting another 335. It runs mid 12s with a mild tune and gets over 30 mpg. It handles like a dream on rails and has a ton of cool accessories that you cannot get on a Chevy or a Ford. It also had the best stereo of any car I have ever owned. And a great many people who see you driving any BMW think you are rich (if you like that sort of thing). And for those in the market more girls of all ages looked me over more than in any other car I have ever owned.

But I never had that much fun driving it. It was almost like it was too perfect if that is possible. I drove a 2SS today and if that was available three years ago no way would I have chosen the 335i.
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