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Originally Posted by Mr_Draco View Post
Mostly for 3 reasons.

A) Quality of workmanship from the person putting them on.
B) Durability of the material used
C) The stripes not extending past the hood.

While "C" is actually just a minor annoyance to the vast majority of people, "A" and "B" are the biggest reasons.
I must disagree, Draco. There is no basis for your ranking of A, B and C except your opinion. No polls have been taken here concerning workmanship or stripe durability.
In the poll that was taken concerning stripes extending past the hood, 130 out of 166 to date have said they wanted longer stripes. That's 78% of the people who voted that were actually getting stripes. Yet you call it a minor annoyance to "the vast majority of people." I believe you have that backwards, since those in the poll satisfied with the stripes ending on the hood was only 22%. Stripe length, C, is the only substantiated reason for not wanting factory or dealer installed stripes.
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