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No one knows if this is a done deal or hang in there.

But also realize that this is no normal car. I want to second UFC w00t, had this been any other vehicle in GM's lineup, we wouldn't have known anything about it (not even how it looked) last month. So that means nobody would have ever known about Ambient lighting until it was 100% done...and you wouldn't know about price, about colors, about wouldn't have even been able to order it!

But GM decided to run with this, take the camo off, authorize people to talk it up -- BRING IN ENTHUSIASTS to get their opinions, and generally interact with us on how this car is built. (Blue SSs, anyone?). The openness about this project is astounding, and unprecedented! That means the good and the bad.

Having said that. There are always issues. And there are always unforeseen issues that get bigger and bigger and turn into "wtf?" issues. This light-pipe ambient lighting is new stuff, and this is a radically different interior it has to adapt to. So maybe...MAYBE....they encountered those unforeseen issues? It happens. And frankly, if I were to peg any feature on this car as the "issue" feature - it would have been the lighting hands-down.

Again, had this been a 'normal' car, we would have never known it existed, and therefore never known there was a problem. Instead, we know. But we know a lot MORE phenomenal things about this car, too thanks to the lessening of secrecy surrounding this vehicle...keep that in mind.
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