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Originally Posted by nick08 View Post
thats the thing there are really no good shops locally. At salvage yards you think they would have decent motors? Also you think i can build up an ls1 to make it a low to mid 10 second car?
Where are you located in NJ?

As for salvage yards, stop by, get to know the folks who operate it, explain to them what you're looking for, and I'd bet they'd be willing to help in locating an LS1 from a wreck.

As for a "low to mid 10 sec. car", how are you planning on using your car? If its a second cr, that you want to use for shows and at the track, fine, but if its your only car, be careful how radical you go. I've had a few friends go too far, and have ended up selling their cars for less than the time and money invested.
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