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Actually, there were (2) GTO Camaros for the close ups etc that Scott S is traveling with now to different events and one for distance shots. It won't be either one of these though as already mentioned. Some additional reasons are, it probably couldn't get titled even as a kit, since there's no "kits" available, the hoods can't be opened without breaking the windshield wipers off, the doors can't be shut normally as there are no strikers or bumbers and Scott has said several times that they were resin paneled cars that have to be kept out of the sun as much as possible. The hood on the traveling car is warped in several spots. Oh, and the paint is a formula that changes colors depending on the light it's in and don't hold me to it, but I think I heard it mentioned that it was a $10,000 paint job.

Either way, if you could win one of THREE cars built......however they were built.....instant collector's item.....don't worry though, I'm sure they people that win them will be more concerned with how much they can get on eBay rather than being proud to own a part of automotive and movie history.
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