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SS Shotgun Ride?!??! :-)
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Well, here's some more CGM Vette (and Viper) photos.

I love sarcasm. Oh, and BTW, credit goes to "NineBall" on another forum. You know the one.


EDIT: I'd take the CGM over that "Viper" thing any day. The ACR? Jury is still out. You have to modify the wing, suspension settings, and the camber to get the ACR 'just right.'

The ZR1? Just gas it up and hold on for dear life. (yes, I know the pics are of a 'lowly' Z06. So what?)

Long Live GM.

Yes, I'm a Homer.

Deal with it.

Double Edit: I Just LOVE the 427 badge on the Z06. Camaro folks can bring the LS7 to the table. Ain't that great? :-)
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