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Originally Posted by asmith10 View Post
Even if it won't be a complete ram air system, the hood does an excellent job of extracting heat from the engine compartment, and supplies ample amounts of cold air to the intake correct? The air coming through that hood should be much colder than the air you would get from the Injen IMO, and also has the benefit of a short ram air intake with the advantage of a true cold air intake.
I find no fault with that notion at all.... However when you compare a "possible 6-10 hp gain with the price tag of around 2100 bucks.... See where I am going with this?

Where I got 2100
Hood 900-1000 Plus 100 Taxes, plus 100 or so for shipping + 300-400 to have it painted (they arrive in gelcoat and need to be sanded and painted and fit), CAI 400 +tax...

Your looking at $200 + per 1 hp
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