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My Roto-Fab Installation

08/12/2010 - So last Thursday when I went home for lunch and found that my order was delivered!

I went right to work on the installation. I don't have all my tools but with a little help from my friends, I got it all installed in under an hour.

I took some video and pictures. The video was from my phone so may not be very good.

The heat shield creates a large breathing space for the big mouth air filter.
Looking straight down from the top, you can see down to the concrete through gaps in the fender and behind the washer bottle.

I've got video on Facebook but can't figure out how to post it. If anyone can help, thanks.

Comments: Note: I'm not a mechanic but have worked on a few cars in my day.
The installation was just short of a breeze. The heat of the day had me frustrated. So the light Breeze did help.

One of holes on the heat shield was a little tight, but finally went in. The opening for the MAF seemed a bit rough and I was actually afraid of pushing too hard, and damaging the O-ring but that worked out too.
The PCV tube seemed about 1/4" short for my liking but no big deal. I got some extra stickers which was nice, but I got SS stickers vs the RS stickers. Everything else went in perfectly.

Once installed, I started the engine to make sure there were no rattles. Right off the bat, I noticed the difference in sound--Very Impressive. On my way back to the office I noticed the sound from the cabin was...Beefyer? Hard to describe, but definitely better. As for performance, It's hard to say officially, but the response seems less labored and the engine seems to be more responsive.

I was at the track in Lapeer MI last November and again yesterday.
I don't recall the air temp from November but yesterday it was around 80-85and humid.
My best times for both dates:
---- Date --- 60 ft -- 594 ft - 1/8 ET - 1/8 MPH - 1/4 ET - 1/4 MPH
11/07/2009 - 2.175 - 9.069 -- 9.644 - - 78.13 - - 14.918 -- 82.36 - Cooler Pre-Roto-Fab
08/14/2010 - 2.205 - 9.073 -- 9.678 - - 74.31 - - 14.843 -- 94.09 - Hot and Muggy Post-Roto-Fab
11/06/2010 - 2.009 - 8.560 -- 9.145 - - 76.98 - - 14.104 -- 97.95 - 37*, 30.35 inches/HG, 50% humidity - DA -900

My overall experience--Excellent
From my initial correspondence and information gathering to ordering, delivery, instructions, installation and performance. I'm very Satisfied.

Thanks Mike and the Roto-Fab team.

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