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Originally Posted by Dr Jkel View Post
Yes the dealer servicing is the dealer purchased from. I know about modding and voiding the warranty. I guess my question is since GM knows there is a problem with SOME transmissions and since mine may have fallen into that range becuase of date of purchase, would I still be protected if the tranny shaft broke even though I modded.

The dealer probably wouldn't come into play since alot of people are saying that if you have powertrain issues that they have to get approval from GM.

I have had my car over a year and only have 6700 miles, I do not race but I would like to try out all the features, ie launch control etc... but just trying to cover my bases if the tranny breaks. I understand about the rest of the car and the motor, but the tranny is the question. Thanks for your in put
I know that, but the transmission is connected to the engine. The fact you have modded your car and increased the HP is grounds to deny your claim for transmission damage from a launch. Since they can't specifically identify the transmissions that were bad (my VIN is lower than your and I've used LC a few times with no problem), they will go for a secondary means as to what could have damaged it.

Will they do that? maybe, maybe not. But if they have to go to GM to get approval I bet GM's first question is, is the engine modified? And if so they will probably say no. Just IMO..
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