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Originally Posted by SSOOCH View Post
Forget the Hurst, Earnhardt, WD-40, Callaway, Lingefelter, nicky and Tom Henry edition Camaros. I want the "Kenny Powers"
You're a fool, LOL!!!

Originally Posted by GraphixJunkie View Post
um, how about you figure out a way to give us the original concept tail lights with PROPER afterburner effects????? This is garbage of the worst kind. I dont need memories of horrible '80s sunglasses killing my favorite car. They should have made the tail lights part of the trunk assembly thus making 2 huge improvements: 1. It would greatly increase the pathetic trunk opening. 2. It would allow them to deepen the tail light cans so they could more closely mimic the concept's deep appearance. GM please squash this nastiness before it spreads!
That'd be cooler, IMHO, but it's still pretty early to get too out of shape, IMVHO That trunk opening isn't too cool, but I'm not going grocery shopping, so it didn't matter much to me I do like the way you're thinking though. The only thing I think could be a problem is leaning into the trunk and banging your head on all that stuff when you withdraw it I'm loving seeing LEDs though
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