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Originally Posted by CamaroScotty View Post
I remember when people said the current tail lights look too "Corvette-ish"

Right. And that's why we LIKED them.

These just suck. Like a cartoon.

Must REALLY look different in person.

Originally Posted by Vega View Post
I dont know how into it i am, i like the tail lights being in their own seperate pods personally, although i am a big fan of the afterburner effect, i just dont like the design a whole lot
Now i can say it WOULD be pretty kickass if this was a whole new tail light assembly but if it were something that comes with the RS option, like you keep the normal tail lights without RS (blacked out of course, at least i would hope, blacked out looks better), but with the RS you get the halos and this tail light fixture
That would be cool. I'd rock the non-RS big time.

Originally Posted by Vega View Post
I can agree with the reverse lights thing, but i dont want my muscle car taking any hints from Audi or any other foreign brand, i want my muscle car to be purely 100% american design, to the point where Euro and Jap car makers wanna incorporate our designs into their vehicles

Including RED tail lights.
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