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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
Right. And that's why we LIKED them.

These just suck. Like a cartoon.

Must REALLY look different in person.

That would be cool. I'd rock the non-RS big time.

Including RED tail lights.
lol, definatly, id preffer a non-RS at that point but id like to at least have the option there, i dont really get what you mean with my second comment though, i was responding to a guy who said he enjoyed how they were making it look more "Audi-like", i dont really want that, i was happy to get away from the 4th gen styling or the 90's Mustang's style and get back to the real muscle car design, thats all im saying, id preffer to go back to real muscle car style ya know? I dont want America to try to be Europe i want America to try to be America haha
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