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You guys are too funny.

OK. Here is the latest... Not super glamorous, but pretty slick engineering.
You know many have talked (the drag racers) about replacing the heavy front bumper assembly with something lightweight. Well...

First Pic - The black piece on top is the factory bumper. The middle piece is made out of aluminum and that is replacing the bumper. The bottom piece is the portion of the Air-To-Water Intercooler that has access to cold outside air.


Second Pic - That middle piece is not just a flat piece of aluminum - it IS the water reservoir for the A2W intercooler system !!! The outside bumper shell mounts right to it/through it and when the SST is all back together you will never see it. Plus all of the thermal efficiencies are really high utilizing this method, so we killed two birds with one stone. Also note the top of the engine. Those are the twin Blow Off Valves that are mounted symmetrically.

Third Pic - This shows the great fabrication work these guys have done. The top right piece is the water reservoir, the bottom right piece is the Water portion of the Air To Water intercooler. There are pieces in the middle for removing bubbles from the system and these go to a high mounted surge tank. On the left is the massive radiator. Also note that what would normally be radiator hoses is all stainless hard line.

Fourth Pic - This is the surge tank that completes the Air To Water Intercooler system.

Fifth Pic - To keep things symmetrical a radiator overflow tank was fabbed up to match the surge tank. Again, note the stainless hard line used in place of rubber radiator hoses. There are still little silicone connector joints for expansion/contraction and vibration, but they are very small.

Anyway, this probably is not very exciting to you, but I get really pumped over cool stuff like this. It looks 100% stock, but it is functionally superior.
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