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Originally Posted by Iwantone2 View Post
Not to change the topic too much, but who do you think will win the Penn vs. Edgar fight?

I would want Penn to win this time around, but Edgar's got a good chance to win again
Watching the first fight I thought Edgar did more work and controlled the pace, but that BJ did more damage.

Then looking at the stats afterwards, BJ did more work. (So I guess I disagree with the judges! - this part edited!)

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Back to your question. I think BJ is going to try and finish this fight in the first round to make a statement; which is, Edgar is not at BJ's level. If he doesn't he will be gassed and we will see the same fight as before!

Also, BJ relies on talent more than conditioning, so if he gasses and Edgar (does the same as last time, with the same judges, he will win! - edited also!)

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