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I have a question for you.

I'm going to give all of my cars a really good detail job over the next few weeks. I'm ordering a Porter Cable polisher to remove swirl marks and water spots. I want to keep using a paint sealant(Zaino) instead of a wax, so does it really matter what polishing compound and finishing compound I use before the sealant? I'll be wiping the car down after the polishing is finished and before I seal the cars. I also read that you can put a coat of wax on your car after you use Zaino to seal the paint and it will bring out more of a shine and a deeper gloss. Has anybody tried this method?

I know everybody has their own personal opinions on what they like and use, but does it really matter when it comes to a polishing compound/swirl remover. I have heard good things about Meguiar's m105 and m205 and Adam's products. I also know on autogeeks they use the Pinnacle swirl remover and finishing compound with the Porter Cable in the demo video. Since I am using the Zaino sealants I could always try their Z-PC as well.

But like I said before, does it really matter which one(not a cheap brand) I use if I seal or wax after the paint correction is done?

Also is it safe to use the Porter Cable polisher set on a low setting on the glass with a glass polish to remove water spots?
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