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Originally Posted by x626xBlack View Post
Interesting reading your evaluation and noticing when you are talking about the Mustang... It is all mustang for that portion.... When you switch to a Camaro portion you throw in the Mustang, Challenger, and 335i.... There is also a good bit of contradiction through out both parts.....

And while the title only mentions the 335i, the bulk of your post is about the Mustang...
Really I was comparing the Mustang vs Camaro. I was turning in the 335i that was leased. I prefer V8s so the GT and the SS each had a chance to be my next car. I am not knocking the BMW. It is a great car and it was fun to drive it for a few years.

Yes lots of contradictions. Buying a motor head car is as much as a subjective decision as an objective one.

The Challenger was never in the running for me. Good looking but too big and too heavy.
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