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Originally Posted by Fraxum View Post
Exactly what I have heard too. But why?
This is a pretty easy answer. Sync was designed with Microsoft. Microsoft has being doing UI's for 25-30 years. They know what people complain about and they know what they like. Add to that that MS knows programming systems as opposed to in house developed nav systems which are done by those who don't have the expertise. It is more about experience with systems and customers.

I've used the following Navs: Lexus/Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Ford (Sync), Chevy (Onstar).

It is by far the easiest to use and navigate. Things are where they should be. I would say Merc is right behind Sync but it isn't touch screen and uses some F'ed up knob which I don't care for.

Also, the list of compatible devices is very extensive and you will know exactly what features you can and cannot use before you plug in the device. Then, on top of that, you can update the system yourself. Go to, download the update to a USB drive, plug into your sync system and BAM you've been updated.

As a matter of fact my Sync system was having issues downloading my phonebook on my Android phone because of "linked" contacts (a.k.a. linking someone's FB info to the info on my exchange server). I updated the Sync system with a flash drive I had and the issue was solved. Now, not everything is solved (I'd still like txt support on Android) but that was an easy fix.

It's a great system and worth every penny in my personal opinion. Certain things require ongoing subscriptions (Sirius Travel Link) but they are obnoxiously cheaper than Onstar and not all that expensive absolutely ($70/yr).

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