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Originally Posted by Robin Lawrence View Post
The easy fix would be to re cast the LS9 upper plenum with a Z28 LOGO. That would be 2 intercoolers and it would clear the cowl.

Problem solved.

And yes it bolts up to the LSA lower. Just needs a different seal inside.


How about we just ask GM to take the LS9 SC, recast the plenum, and stick THAT in Z28?

Originally Posted by OldJedi View Post
Robin, is the LS9 S/C as efficient as the LSA's?
1900 @ 9.5 psi vs. 2300 @ 10.5 psi; different intakes and exhausts; different cams - good question. I'm thinking the 1900 up to 600 horse' is excellent and 2300 to 700 is about the same. I remember Magnuson saying the rotors for 1900 and 2300 are good to something like 700 and 800 horsepower, respectively. It was in an PHR from about a couple years ago or something. I believe there are boost maps out there, too, that Eaton has posted somewhere...
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