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as much as i HATE orange & white (friggin vols!) i still think it would look nice on your car. like others have said, you usually won't see the interior & exterior at the same time, so it shouldn't be a problem having 3 colors going. if you really wanna match, you could get come custom white seats to go with the stripes. that would be pretty sweet!

about the black stripe argument... they would look great as well. they would flow well with the interior & look more like the concept convertible. again - you won't see in & out at the same time, so i think it comes down to whether or not you want the car to have an overall light or dark look. the white stripes are gonna subconsciously make the car look brighter & more relaxing while the black stripes will make it look meaner & more menacing (it's all about how the brain interprets colors into feelings).

with all that said, i think either would be awesome, so go with your gut instinct!
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