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Originally Posted by SuperFly03 View Post
i think, by and large, people who drive BMW's are dicks/biotches.

Now that is not everyone, but it seems that if someone is a dick/biotch they are more likely than not driving a BMW. I don't know what it is... but that's the way it rolls here in Houston.

It is the sole reason I won't drive one. They are nice cars, very selvet, well executed but oddly priced and way too much of a rep comes with them.
You are right, not all BMW drivers are DHs. The jerks who drive BMWs call attention to themselves on the road and give BMW drivers a bad name. But I met lots of cool people who were into cars. Even addicted BMW 1/4 milers just like here. They do not mind risking their very expensive engines, transmissions, and differentials for 10 seconds of fun.

Camaro owners also have a rep too. I do not fit. I do not care, I like the car.

Drive what you dig, damn the torpedos.
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