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Originally Posted by 2010SLVRBULIT View Post
doesn't matter what you drive(6 vs 8), unless you track it often. Last time I checked the speed limit hasn't changed(much). Car design FTW. And if you think smaller powerplants can't put out, take a spin in a GTR...

Curious, how many tuners get asked, "is it a modded 4 or a 6 banger?"

maybe the OP is going through the 'shoulda bought a V8' saga:(
I don't know what type enjoyment you derive from driving your car but there is a HUGE difference between driving a V8 and a V6 car that's n/a. The GTR isn't n/a so that's a moot point. The difference I'm speaking of has nothing to do with breaking the speed limit either. It's all about how the car responds and how it sounds....
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