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Originally Posted by Wanted View Post
Wow, you guys on this site are really sensitive! I quess other points of view are not welcomed here. The FORD sites that I also visit from time to time rarely bash a Chevy guy who's just trying to make a point. I'll stick with the sites for grown ups. Where the people who talk about their cars really own one not dream about it.
Wanted, I don't want to speak for everyone, but let me say a few things. First, I think it was the way you came across with your first post. You sure didn't act like a grown-up making a grown-up post. I am sure if I went over to a Mustang post and made a comment like that about Ford, I would get bashed too. Second, you didn't even check your facts to make sure what you were saying was accurate. There is a huge difference between GM owning the course and island and the UAW owning it. Lastly, making personal comments about the members on this site is pushing it. If you don't like the sound, just say. You don't have to belittle people to make your point. If you can act grown-up and make mature posts, please stick around. If not, then enjoy the Mustang forums.
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