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Originally Posted by SIXJAK View Post
I get that but I'm trying to illustrate the new V6 isn't a bad option. The OP seems really unhappy about his purchase. I love my 2LT. I love the way it handles (better than an SS) I love the sound and if I can catch a GT or SS napping they won't be catching me as quickly as they'd hope to. You 2 are arguing over times of yore. Those old v8 didn't produce as much HP but they were superior in torque and much lighter to boot. I'm not into fantasy stats and fairytales but I don't think high 13's out of that stuff in ideal conditions is completely out of the question either.
Hey SixJak...I was down in branson this past weekend until tuesday...but can't say I saw you driving around lol. Girlfriend and I decided to take a little mini vacation down there....but she would have been UNHAPPY if I had taken up much of that time doin "camaro stuff" lol

I wish we had a track up around here in Mid Mo.
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