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Originally Posted by AZCamaroFan View Post
That really threw me when i read that. I had 89' and 90'IROC's and am very familiar with all things involving them.
read about Exterior Badges. I also read a 1988 Road and Track article. The pictures clearly showed "IROC-Z" badge on the ground effects. I looked at some more pictures online of 1988 IROC's and they all have IROC-Z badges on the exterior. No Z28. Not sure how to explain yours.
Could have been a mid year change of some sort similar to the GM badging on the 2010 Camaros. I went through Google images and I see what you are talking about. Some of them have the Iroc-Z and some of them have the Z28. The other thing is the inside Passengerside dash had the Z28 logo on it in mine. Not sure if they also were supposed to be badged Iroc-Z in there as well.

Other than the decal on the side door the only other location I had the Iroc-Z badge was on the rear bumper with the 5.7 Tune Port Injection logo.
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