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Mach XLT - J-Pipe Upgrade

I've been happy with my Solo Mach XLT exhaust except for a bit of highway drone.

I was glad to read about the J-Pipe upgrade, so I took the day of yesterday and drove from Lansing to Mississauga. Plenty of time, 5hrs, to think pay attention on what the difference might be on the way back.
Well, I ended up not only with J-Pipes but the Hi-Flo Cats as well.
The exhaust turn out just right!


Hi-Flo Cats

The highway Drone is gone! When I give it the gas, it wakes up and let's you know it's there. City driving is nice too without being obnoxious. Don't get me wrong - I love obnoxios but not every day.

They really did a nice job with getting everything lined up too. Overall I think they do a great job. Tuning an exhaust is not an easy thing to do.

Can't comment much on the Cats yet but I'm optimistic. Perhaps a bit better response. The track will tell more.

When I got back I did notice that there was hardly any exhaust soot on the exhaust tips. I have always had soot build up pretty quickly. Not sure what that means. If anybody has any ideas, let me know.

Thanks Team Solo
Steve, Jeff, Ray, and Jack

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