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Originally Posted by usa1camaro1969 View Post
There's more to running a fast time than just power(ask the SS guys that are running 14's). There is some skill involved, and the power has to be plantable. There's v6 guys running nitrous who haven't gotten as low as you're wanting mostly due to traction.
I am impressed with the STS kit. Turbo just isn't the way I wanted to go(mostly due to price as I'm a cheap-ass). I am hoping when Jim gets it to the track we are all impressed.
Agreed. I'm hoping Jim can put down some numbers. I just don't understand why people think the STS kit doesn't work. I think once the 50 Hurst models are out, if they sell any, they will be put to the "test".

I wish I had access to a 1/4 mile track. For now, I'm just enjoying the Turbo.
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