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Originally Posted by Maurdib View Post
The thing people also have issue with is that it shouldn't be you or Jim that needs to prove it works, STS should have all the stats of what their kit can do, but they blatantly avoid giving 1/4 mile numbers, that makes people errie
C'mon, not all FI manufacturers post 1/4 mile times for their products. STS didn't post the times nor make any claims that their system would run a certain time in the quarter. AACS posted their Vid's and the car clearly wasn't ready nor was AACS ready to run the car. I don't remember seeing any proof from NEX that their kit ran ____ in the 1/4 mile. In fact, I don't think I saw any 1/4 times from manufactures like Vortex, Maggie, etc. Most will only post HP increases as that is what they can provide as fact. As USA1Camaro pointed out, a lot of factors affect 1/4 times. I just don't get your argument of the kit doesn't work. I'm glad others, like RDditten and Hurst are putting on these kits. They are great and makes the V-6 Camaro so much more fun.
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