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Originally Posted by Z Madness View Post
Not issues with the STS main kit. Issues are mostly due to the meth kit that I installed, which is the first kit for STS on the V-6. So yeah, I expected some problems to occur as I am the "test" case for the meth. In fact, since the base kit was working fine, I decided to do more mods and yes, I am having issues with some of these mods. The numbers will be there, I'm rooting for RDditten as well (who is a reseller of the kit) and I know Jim will be running soon. I'm just worried that if their first run isn't as well as you are expecting then everyone will say the STS Turbo doesn't work. It does!
I'm not worried about the first run if it doesn't run as well as expected as long as some one steps up to the plate and gives straight answers as to why... not some BS run-around....

As I mentioned Rich lives not to far away from me... going to to my absolute best to get out to the track when he's ready...

I know you believe the STS system works.... I would love for it to work! But for the one track outing it had, it didn't work and we never got a satisfactory answer why it didn't....
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