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Originally Posted by 2ndgenz28 View Post
but the men from Indy have had no such problems with the switch, they take it up quiet quickly.

Long as they are popular enough to get big sponsors like her to have the best of the best, they do well.

Though still think she is just afraid to wreck going for it. What has held her up in Indy, she doesn't want it enough to lock wheels at 210 for a chance at a win.
I beg to differ. Many of the cross over drivers haven't done well. (Michael Andretti, Boris Said, A.J. Foyt) Most of the ones that came from dirt track have done extremely well because they are used to their cars not having traction on the back end. (Carl Edwards, Tony Stewart, Both Busches, Kasey Kahne)

I think racing dirt track in her off season could do her a world of good.
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