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Originally Posted by Attorneyguy View Post
I'm definitely getting the four pack. (You have no choice but to get it with the SS RS, correct?)...
no. the aux gauges only come with 2SS & 2LT. it don't matter whether or not you have the RS package (that's only an exterior appearance package)

as for Rodrunner
Originally Posted by Rodrunner View Post
Rand McNally....the man's serious here guys. I'd expect that of fuzzy buddy zebra, but I thought you, Xanthos, were more of a class act!
i'm just gonna assume you forgot the don't-take-me-seriously smiley. if not... what the heck!? there's absolutely nothing wrong with knowing how to read a map. it's something more people need to know how to do. yeah, GPS units are cool, but i've never had any need for one. maybe Xanthos is in the same boat with me and many others. being 'classy' has nothing to do with having all sorts of trinkets in your car to tell you what to do & how to drive. i ain't gonna ask why you would come up with such a ridiculous assumption, but you should think before doing so again.
end rant.

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