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ehhh I live in FL so the leather will be warm...that is my only concern, but I do not see any other drawl backs?

GM does a good job with their cloth....but easier clean up than leather?! Are you joking? I WILL NOT drink cola or eat in my camaro, but I drink alot of water...and I had water spotting on my cloth for the last GM model I had. Maybe its a mixture or dirt and water? I really don't know, but I could not lift that stain for the life of me and it looked like my passenger took a s---. Worked great for the next woman in the car..."hey hun, please sit in my heaping pile of s--- for a seat."

Nothing against GM at all, its just cloth in general is much more of a task to keep clean than leather. Last time I had leather it remained in great condition for 14 years without ripping or damaging.

However Cloth does get some big points because I will say that two tone cloth does look ssssssexxxxxxxxy as hell...
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