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Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
Cloth...Especially after seeing/touching sitting on it, trust me it's nice cloth.

I don't want all the extra junk on 2SS anyhow so it's perfect.
Same, don't need no stinkin leather Anyways 50%-70% (this is a guess, don't get mad at me GM) of the material isn't leather, just the small square you sit on and the small strip up your back. All the sides and rest of it are that fake leather material. For the amount of extra money the 2SS costs, you can buy 4 real 100% leather seats with equal quality leather (the leather parts that is). Ofcourse you'd be missing the bluetooth and interior lighting, however I can live without them in exchange for higher quality seats. In my case since I live in Miami, Florida, leather is out of the question since I don't plan on getting limo tints..
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