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Originally Posted by josh1147 View Post
Struggling with the same issue....even my wife's new Traverse doesn't have NAV....I've got an excellent A/V guy here in St. Louis....JML Audio.....he'll figure out a way for me to get it integrated, make it look factory, and still continue utilizing all of the factory capabilities.

When I sat in NUMBER3's 1LT a couple days ago, this was one of the things I was thinking about and GM did NOT make this dash aftermarket "friendly" as all of the controls and faceplate are one integrated unit.

Good luck! Suction cup on the dash is the best I can offer you right now...
The Traverse doesn't even have Nav? Does it at least have OnStar navigation?

GM put all its money into OnStar navigation (since it invested so heavily in it), but the fact is that OnStar is NOT the solution. People want a nav unit in their main console display (with nice colorful know, like all the other car manufacturers). OnStar nav does not offer any real graphics, and I don't want to deal with a dang operator every time I want to go somewhere. Plus, it's none of GM's business where I go anyway! People also want to use their OWN cell phones, not a separate phone number provided by OnStar.

You gradually begin to realize that GM has been behind the times when it took the company until the 2009 model year to offer Bluetooth in all its cars. Even my 2008 G8 does not have Bluetooth (unlike every other car in its class). I mean, come on now!
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