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Originally Posted by CamaroScotty View Post
only new remaining 2010 dealer inventory. If a dealer doesn't have many, they can trade fairly easily for one, there are many out there!
I live in Southern California. So there's really no 2010 Camaro's that I want or if there is one its outrageously marked up. The best or "true car cost" are everywhere to the east of me. Is there any way you can work with me in getting the Camaro I wanted for what that Camaro is truly worth?

Based on this deal I would look for:
1. SIM, Summit White, or VR
2. RS for sure
3. 2LT for sure
4. Sunroof for sure
5. Polished Upgrade wheels (not needed 100% but it would be good if it had it)
6. Automatic

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